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We transform your connection with your right audience

Digivin offers a comprehensive suite of PPC retargeting and remarketing services designed to help businesses deliver relevant text, picture, and video advertisements solely to people who have previously visited their website, allowing you to influence their purchase decision at all stages of the purchasing cycle.

We run highly targeted, quantifiable campaigns that help you reach a larger audience and enhance conversion rates.

We aim to make every interaction with your audience a meaningful one

Our PPC remarketing experts compile a list of individuals with similar traits and purchasing habits to ensure that your advertisements appear on sites that are relevant not only to the products and services you offer, but also to your target demographic.


By categorising sites that relate to specific categories or sites you wish to promote to specific prospects, you can show adverts to people who have already visited your website.

Our Approach to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

We’ll work with you to guarantee you reach the appropriate people, your advertising are relevant, and your ad-spend is efficient, whether you want to improve website traffic, generate more leads, improve sales, or raise brand awareness.


First, we’ll make sure your PPC campaigns are set up to target your potential clients where and when they’re looking.Campaign parameters, regional targeting, campaign budget, keyword selection, keyword bidding, and ad schedule are all things that can affect your reach.


We’ll also check to see if you’re attracting the correct kind of customers.We look at how relevant your keywords and ad copy are, as well as whether they align with your marketing objectives.


When it comes to PPC marketing, efficiency is maybe the most significant component. We’ll look at how you spend your advertising money and whether you’re meeting your advertising objectives.Campaign structure, campaign budget, keyword bids, mobile bid multipliers, and negative keywords are all elements that might affect efficiency.


Finally, we analyse the user’s experience once they click on an ad and are directed to your landing page. Is the page related to the advertisement? Do you have any well-placed call-to-actions? Is the conversion rate of the page high? If the answer is no, we will handle it for you

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