Email Marketing Services

Personalization is the name of the game when it comes to email marketing.

Email Marketing – A Reliable And Scalable Solution

Business to business (B2B) email marketing, which is professional and graphically led, is still an excellent technique for your company to gain new contacts and inquiries. We provide packages that include new contact data, campaign creation and administration, as well as a high level of expertise and specialised designs and communications for mobile and desktop devices.

Build long-lasting relationships

Email marketing is the ultimate relationship and brand-building tool because it is quick, cheap, and profitable.


It allows your customers to engage with you and your products on a consistent basis, telling you exactly what they want through the data you collect from their actions. No other strategy compares to keeping the conversation between you and your audience going, and we’ll help you power and maintain it.

Email marketing programme creation

Digivin’s email marketing services start long before the first email is sent and last long after the campaign is finished.


We’ll be there for you every step of the way, from identifying your campaign’s goals to figuring out how to achieve them to analyzing the results.

Designing an Email Template

Your email strategist, in collaboration with our graphic designers and technical services team, may produce email templates for your marketing campaigns that are designed to generate the most engagement.

Automated Marketing

We can help you set up your email marketing platform of choice, such as Hubspot, Marketo, Mailchimp, and others, at Digivin.


Targeted email marketing is taken to a new level with campaigns. The transmission of pre-written emails to specific recipient lists is scheduled.

Reports on Campaign Results

Understanding what exactly connects with your audience is the key to successful email marketing. Experience and data collection are the only ways to gain that knowledge.